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  • Brand New & High quality.
  • Relaxation & relieve stress.
  • Removing earwax.
  • Overcoming an ear infection.
  • Sharpen hearing.
  • Overcoming insomnia, migraine, vertigo, reduces sinusitis and other ear problems.
  • The color we will send randomly.


  • "How-to": lying on your side, with the other side of the cotton plug ears, the ear candle is inserted into the ear, lit the other end, after treating the burn line is off.
  • Action steps:
    1. the first indoor light to warm, keep the room quiet and avoid air convection.
    2. prepare goods: aromatic ear candle, lighters, paper towels, a glass of water and a cotton swab.
    3. with a lighter and lit aromatic ear candle, burned vertically into the ear canal. A fixed hand (need assistance)
    4. aromatic ear candle burning to 1cm on the ring line, you can move it away, into a glass of water out. And then with a wet cotton swab to clean the ear, and then continue to the other side, action as above.
  • Taboo: Eardrum perforation and purulent stages of ear disease, fungal infection, and ear candling ingredients allergies.

Ear candle usage considerations:

  • Each ear candle burning about 10 minutes, near the police cordon will burn when water goes out, do not blow out. If there are leftovers and bacteria within the ear, slight noise occurs, it is normal. Back must be compatible with essential oil and facial Detox, to achieve the best results. Done ear candling within 24 hours, do not swim or put her head in the water, BREW, 2-3 within hours of application of small cotton placed ears warm. A few remnants appear tight or phenomenon cannot be ruled out and suggested we add a few drops of oil in the ear after a few days and then the ear candle out.
  • "Ear candles do not apply crowd":
    People with Eardrum perforation, pregnant women, the menstrual period, ears to fester.
  • "Ear candling treatment":
    A suggested 1-2 for ear candles. Basic care available 7 days/times have ringing in the ears or ear symptoms, 7 days/2 times.

Package Included:

  • 10 Pcs Original beeswax Ear candles.

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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