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  • 500pcs 10 Sizes Fishing Hooks
  • 82B type high carbon steel is selected to ensure the elasticity of the hook, the hardness and sharpness of the hook tip

  • With plastic box size: 12cm x6cm x2cm.

  • Model Number:Hooks Sharp 3#-12# 
  • Hook, barb, sharp, flat, etc., through strict molding control technology to ensure high quality

  • In order to achieve a better fishing effect, the hook body is treated with a flat beating process to enhance the longitudinal tension and elasticity of the hook bar

  • High-end spike and heat treatment technology to create sharp hook, strong penetration, full elastic, hook type complete hook

Package Included:

  • #3x60PCS 
  • #4x60PCS 
  • #5x60PCS 
  • #6x60PCS 
  • #7x60PCS 
  • #8x40PCS 
  • #9x40PCS 
  • #10x40PCS 
  • #11x40PCS 
  • #12x40PCS 

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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