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  • Brand-new and Fast-copy Remote Control-Overview:
  • In the configuration and selling process, most clients wish to replace the original remote control with a general remote control, while such remote control has not be
  • developed. You may configure your remote control within 2 seconds if you meet the following three conditions:
  • Condition I: the original remote control may be used normally
  • Condition II: know the transmission frequency of original remote control
  • Condition III: IC of original remote control is PT2262 PT2264 SC2262 SC2260 HS2262 2260 LX2262 2260 EV1527  PT2240

Copying method:

  • 1. Resetting before copying: press two keys on copying remote control at the same time until LED flicks, indicating the resetting is successful. After resetting, press the key of remote control, and LED will be off.
  • 2. Copying: place the product correctly before copying. Place the original remote control and copying remote control on the desk. Use right hand to press the copying remote control until LED is on – off, indicating it enters to copying status. Use left hand to press the key of original remote control. The fast clicking of LED of remote control indicates success in copying. The copying method is the same as for several keys.
  • 3. Tips: if you reset the code of remote control and want to recover, press two keys until LED light flicks.

Technical parameters:

  • 1. PT2262 PT2264 SC2262 SC2260 HS2262 2260 LX2262 2260 EV1527  PT2240
  • 2. It is unnecessary to consider vibration resistance and address code. The project may be compatible to vibration resistance and address code.
  • 3. The inapplicable IC is HCS300 30 and compatible rolling code IC
  • 4. The battery used in the product is 12V and 23 A. please replace the battery when the remote control distance is insufficient
  • 5. The fixed working frequency is 433MHz


  • 1.This remote controller can copy PT2262 PT2264 SC2262 SC2260 HS2262 2260 LX2262 2260 EV1527  PT2240 common objects to be copied are remote controller of electrically operated gate, car garage, flexible door, translational door,
    roller shutter door, alarming system, remote controllers of various fixed codes and learning codes,
  • 2. We strongly suggest you to check the IC CODE of your original remote key. The replacement remote key may not work properly if you copy the code from an unsupported IC


  • Operation Frequency: 433MHz
  • Power Supply: 12v 23A button cell built in

Package Included:

  • 1 x Remote Control

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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