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Main Function:

  • 1. SOS One Key Help (In case of emergency, press the SOS button for 3 seconds, then the watch will cycle automatically call the 3 numbers previous set to promptly notify relatives and help prevent accidents.).
  • 2. Precise & real-time location (GPS + base station + WIFI indoor positioning).
  • 3. Free Wechat and double sides talking function (can add most 10 family numbers).
  • 4. Smart Eco, Remote shutdown (To prevent the watch artificiality off, allowing only the watch mobile phone APP to remote shutdown).
  • 5. Remote monitoring (High sensitivity microphone, voice user in an emergency situation, real-time monitoring equipment surrounding).
  • 6. Electronic fence (Device-centric to designate an area on the map, when the kids enter the area, the APP and SMS immediately alarms).
  • 7. Historical trajectory (within 3 months).
  • 8. Class disabled (Parents can set no calls at class time on the phone APP to effectively prevent kids playing their smart watch and be more concentrated on class.).
  • 9. Clock reminder & time display (GPS precise timing and 3 clocks available).
  • 10. Pedometer & PSG (Care the children health).
  • 11. Love rewards (send a number of red hearts on the APP phones to encourage your children).
  • 12. Watch Language: English, Russian.
  • 13.APP Language: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Indonesian, Hungarian, Swedish, Filipino, Malay, Haitian Creole (more languages are being added, please download and install the APP to confirm if it support the language you want).


  • 1. Scan the QR code on the manual to install the APP.
  • 2. The waterproof function means living waterproof, like the small drops and perspiration, we don't suggest throwing it directly into the water.
  • 3. Support the 2G Micro SIM card of unicom or mobile only.

Package include:

  • 1 * Children smart watch.
  • 1 * USB charging cable.
  • 1 * User manual.

With Original Exquisite Luxury Packaging.

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